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Be There..... Even When You're Not !

Remote Video Service allows viewing from your computer or your smartphone

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 Fixed WiFi ip Camera

Simply plug this camera in and it connects with the controller for remote viewing over the internet or your cellphone.


Wi Fi Pan-Tilt Camera

This wireless camera is plug and play. Simply plug it in and it connects to the controller for viewing,panning and tilting right from your computer.

Wireless Thermostat Controller Manual 

Wireless Thermostat 

Download Manual

This device replaces your exisitng thermostat. It allows control over the internet of your heating and cooling systems.

Analog to ip converter


Analog to ip Converter

Download Manual

Use this device to convert your existing analog cameras digital  for viewing over the internet.


Wireless Gateway Controller

The gateway module
simply plugs into your
existing router. This
unit has a wireless
receiver that system
devices report to and
the unit in turn will
notify you through text
messages and/or emails. 

Ethernet Over PowerLine Device

The EOP Device plugs into
your existing router.
Then you plug another
EOP wherever you want a
camera.The video is sent
over your existing wiring
back to the router.                 

Pan/Tilt IP Camera

This is our most popular camera.
It pans from left to right and up
and down. You can view this
camera from your web browser
 to keep an eye on what's going
on at home when you're not.  


Wireless Temperature Sensor 

This wireless device mounts
anywhere with double stick
tape and senses high and low
temperatures that you set.
When the temperature goes
beyond your settings you
get a text and or email.        


Wireless Water Sensor

This wireless device mounts
anywhere with double stick
tape and detects water.
Use it near the water heater
or the washing machine or
anyplace you don't want water.
You'll be notified by text or
email message when there is.   

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